Before proceeding to examine login procedures at length, it would be important for us to first of all point out that is doorway to the Chase Bank online card access portal. This is to say that it is doorway to the portal where Chase Bank card holders can, among other things, activate their accounts, view transaction histories, request for new cards… and so on. The actual operations aren’t performed at, but rather, at, which is linked to

On the need for login

The operations carried out at or turn out to be the sorts of operations that one has to be logged in, to perform. That is because these are operations that involve accessing private information and they are, by definition, sensitive operations. Just as a reminder, we may mention that we are looking at things like checking card transaction histories, activating cards, making card applications and so on. Those are obviously, not the sort of things that can be done on a public platform, hence the need for login.

Login procedure

We have already mentioned that you won’t be able to login at, because the things that used to be done there have been transferred to So if you want to login to the platform where you can access information and perform operations pertaining to your Chase Bank card, you need to go to Actually, a link is provided, right at to take you to, where you can proceed to login. You just click on the prominent link that is labeled ‘continue to Ucard Center’ and you will be taken to the login page, where you can proceed to login.

Login requirements

To login to the Chase Bank Ucard center, you need to have your user ID and your password. You can first visit, and from there click on the ‘continue to the Ucard Center’ link, so as to end up at

You will notice that there are two textboxes, where you are supposed to enter your username and your password respectively. So you enter the respective details, and then click on the ‘logon’ button, in order to enter the site.

Language preferences

The login page you access upon clicking on the ‘proceed to the Ucard Center’ link at is served either in English or Spanish. By default, it comes in English, but if you are more comfortable with Spanish, you need to click on the ‘language’ drop down, and then select ‘Spanish.’


What happens at serves as a gateway to, which is Chase Bank’s new online card management portal. In order to understand what happens at, you need to have an appreciation of the common reasons as to why people visit That is where you will learn that people visit in order to, among other things, check their Chase Bank card transactional histories, apply for replacement Chase Bank Cards (debit or credit), activate Chase Bank cards and so on. Of course, none of these things is actually done at, because in the new scheme of things, is supposed to serve as a gateway to, where the actual activities are carried out.

Who can benefit from the services offered at Myaccount?

Pretty much anybody who happens to be a Chase Bank customer, and who has taken up any one of the debit or credit cards linked to Chase Bank accounts, can benefit from the services offered at Those, as we have noted, are things like card activations, card transaction history viewings, card applications… and soon on.

How can the services offered at be accessed?

We have to reiterate that, nowadays, no services are actually offered at Rather, is just a doorway to, where actual services are offered. That said, upon accessing, one needs to click on the link whose label is text ‘continue to Ucard center’ in order to get to a page where he or she can logon and then get to enjoy the actual services.

What do the services offered at cost?

Some of the services offered at, whose doorway is, are offered free of charge (those being things like the registration for online card access). Others, depending on account variety, may be available at a fee, those being things like card replacements.

What inspired the change from to

It is hard to tell. Only the folks at Chase Bank know for sure. But one would hazard a guess that they wanted an unambiguously named portal, hence the shift from (which as a connotation on accounts) to, which is clearly about cards. But as mentioned, only the folks at Chase Bank really know what inspired the transition from to What is clear for sure is the fact that the transition seems to have worked well, with quite a substantial number of people in need of Chase Bank’s online card management services simply entering (into their address bars) the address whenever they need to make use of the same.

{ 0 comments } is the page where Chase Bank accountholders can access information about their (debit or credit) cards, and perform various operations related to their cards. Most of what used to be done at has now been transferred to a new site, namely But is still active, mainly serving as a gateway site/webpage from where people can link onto the actual Chase Bank online card access portal, at

Card operations you can perform at

There are many card operations that you can perform at As mentioned though, you won’t get to perform these operations directly on the site. Rather, you will need to link onto, to perform the actual operations. That is because the core of seems to have been changed to Still, by visiting, you can get a pretty good idea of the operations you can perform, and click on a helpful link provided to the specific page on, where you can proceed to perform the various operations.

Without further ado, the card operations that you can perform at include:

  • Activating your Chase Bank Card: as we all know, when bank cards are sent to clients, they are not sent in activated form. One has to activate the card (whether that happens to be a debit card or a credit card) in order to start using it. One mode of activation, which is arguably the most convenient in this day and age, is what we’d refer to as the online activation mode. You can visit myaccount at chase site to find a link to the specific page on where you can proceed to activate the card.
  • Requesting for Chase Card replacements: when people lose or have their debit or credit cards stolen, they are left with no alternative but to request for replacements. One way of requesting for such replacements is through the Internet, and has links to the specific page at where you can logon and proceed to make the requests for the Chase Card replacements.
  • Requesting for Chase Card transaction histories: in order to know where your money is going, and be in a position to manage your personal finances better, it is usually necessary to get your card transaction history. If you are a Chase Bank card user, the place where you can request for such history is And by visiting the former card access site, at, you will find a link to the specific page at where you can proceed to logon and request to view your transaction history.

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