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by Bruce on July 9, 2013

www.myaccount.chase.com is the page where Chase Bank accountholders can access information about their (debit or credit) cards, and perform various operations related to their cards. Most of what used to be done at www.myaccount.chase.com has now been transferred to a new site, namely ucard.chase.com. But www.myaccount.chase.com is still active, mainly serving as a gateway site/webpage from where people can link onto the actual Chase Bank online card access portal, at ucard.chase.com.

Card operations you can perform at www.myaccount.chase.com

There are many card operations that you can perform at www.myaccount.chase.com. As mentioned though, you won’t get to perform these operations directly on the site. Rather, you will need to link onto ucard.chase.com, to perform the actual operations. That is because the core of www.myaccount.chase.com seems to have been changed to ucard.chase.com. Still, by visiting www.myaccount.chase.com, you can get a pretty good idea of the operations you can perform, and click on a helpful link provided to the specific page on ucard.chase.com, where you can proceed to perform the various operations.

Without further ado, the card operations that you can perform at www.myaccount.chase.com include:

  • Activating your Chase Bank Card: as we all know, when bank cards are sent to clients, they are not sent in activated form. One has to activate the card (whether that happens to be a debit card or a credit card) in order to start using it. One mode of activation, which is arguably the most convenient in this day and age, is what we’d refer to as the online activation mode. You can visit myaccount at chase site to find a link to the specific page on ucard.chase.com where you can proceed to activate the card.
  • Requesting for Chase Card replacements: when people lose or have their debit or credit cards stolen, they are left with no alternative but to request for replacements. One way of requesting for such replacements is through the Internet, and www.myaccount.chase.com has links to the specific page at ucard.chase.com where you can logon and proceed to make the requests for the Chase Card replacements.
  • Requesting for Chase Card transaction histories: in order to know where your money is going, and be in a position to manage your personal finances better, it is usually necessary to get your card transaction history. If you are a Chase Bank card user, the place where you can request for such history is ucard.chase.com. And by visiting the former card access site, at www.myaccount.chase.com, you will find a link to the specific page at ucard.chase.com where you can proceed to logon and request to view your transaction history.

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