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by Bruce on July 9, 2013

Before proceeding to examine www.myaccount.chase.com login procedures at length, it would be important for us to first of all point out that www.myaccount.chase.com is doorway to the Chase Bank online card access portal. This is to say that it is doorway to the portal where Chase Bank card holders can, among other things, activate their accounts, view transaction histories, request for new cards… and so on. The actual operations aren’t performed at www.myaccount.chase.com, but rather, at ucard.chase.com, which is linked to www.myaccount.chase.com.

On the need for login

The operations carried out at www.myaccount.chase.com or ucard.chase.com turn out to be the sorts of operations that one has to be logged in, to perform. That is because these are operations that involve accessing private information and they are, by definition, sensitive operations. Just as a reminder, we may mention that we are looking at things like checking card transaction histories, activating cards, making card applications and so on. Those are obviously, not the sort of things that can be done on a public platform, hence the need for login.

Login procedure

We have already mentioned that you won’t be able to login at www.myaccount.chase.com, because the things that used to be done there have been transferred to ucard.chase.com. So if you want to login to the platform where you can access information and perform operations pertaining to your Chase Bank card, you need to go to ucard.chase.com. Actually, a link is provided, right at www.myaccount.chase.com to take you to ucard.chase.com, where you can proceed to login. You just click on the prominent link that is labeled ‘continue to Ucard Center’ and you will be taken to the login page, where you can proceed to login.

Login requirements

To login to the Chase Bank Ucard center, you need to have your user ID and your password. You can first visit www.myaccount.chase.com, and from there click on the ‘continue to the Ucard Center’ link, so as to end up at ucard.chase.com.

You will notice that there are two textboxes, where you are supposed to enter your username and your password respectively. So you enter the respective details, and then click on the ‘logon’ button, in order to enter the site.

Language preferences

The login page you access upon clicking on the ‘proceed to the Ucard Center’ link at www.myaccount.chase.com is served either in English or Spanish. By default, it comes in English, but if you are more comfortable with Spanish, you need to click on the ‘language’ drop down, and then select ‘Spanish.’

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